Biking in Ireland

Observing National Bike Week in Ennis, Ireland

“The lilt of a brogue, the pounding of the surf and lively Irish music are just a few of the sensory pleasures that await you on this roll through Ireland’s “Wild West.”  From The Burren’s otherworldly landscape to rugged Connemara and the tranquil Renvyle Peninsula, you’ll delight in ever-shifting views, savor tasty meals and feel the luck of the Irish.  You’ll also step among the prehistoric ruins of the Aran Islands, glimpse ancient abbeys and immerse yourself in Galway’s lively ambiance.”

What’s not to like about that description?  Our biking tour of Ireland was about to begin and we would take in all of that and more.

It all started in Ennis, where we were treated to the sight of over 600 school children biking through the narrow streets in celebration of National Bike Week.  A lucky sign, we thought, for the week to come.

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