Biking in Ireland

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“The lilt of a brogue, the pounding of the surf and lively Irish music are just a few of the sensory pleasures that await you on this roll through Ireland’s “Wild West.”  From The Burren’s otherworldly landscape to rugged Connemara and the tranquil Renvyle Peninsula, you’ll delight in ever-shifting views, savor tasty meals and feel…


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Bicycle in front of fall foliage

Cadence: the beat, time or measure of rhythmical motion or activity.  In voice or music, cadence might refer to the familiar way in which someone speaks, the rhythms of a classical guitarist, or the rising and falling notes of a loon’s call. In cycling, cadence is the speed at which a rider spins their pedals, measured…


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Lake Country Pedalers Bike Club posing for photo on Gandy Dancer

Welcome to Lake Country Pedalers. Join us on a bicycling journey as we share our club’s mission and vision as well as our individual stories. And, we encourage you to share your biking experiences with us and other readers. Bicycling creates a community that greets you wherever you travel. Riders welcome you to their town,…

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Saturday, September 14

8 Enticing Autumn Excursions: This Saturday's ride will be in the Webster area.  Meet at Webster Cog and Sprocket located at 7466 Main Street W., Webster at 9 a.m.   Sure the ride is called the Austin Lake ride, but it is really the Austin Lake, Bass Lake and Yellow River twice ride in approximately 15 beautiful miles. Added bonus - it is suppose to be nice this Saturday after a long blustery, rainy week.  Hope to see you there!

Print  map HERE

Link to ride page HERE

Note - next weeks ride has changed from some of our early flyers.   LCP will join up with Fredric Community Ed for a ride on the Gandy Dancer Trail.   Flyer of that ride HERE


Link to maps of our rides so far